7:00 am Chair’s Welcome

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

Defining & Operationalizing Quality Excellence

7:15 am Case Study: Restoring the United States Air Force Academy Chapel Through Extensive Quality Process Planning

  • Alex Delimont Senior Project Manager, JE Dunn Construction Company
  • Brett Granier Quality Manager, JE Dunn Construction Company
  • Parker Burns Senior Project Engineer, JE Dunn Construction Company


  • Mapping out the unique project Quality processes necessary to restore a national treasure: How did the team come together to communicate and align expectations for Quality at every stage of the project?
  • Discussing how multiple, specialized partners collaborated to ensure a high-quality workflow, providing a protected and watertight building
  • Revealing how the team worked with the client to align expectations and establish accountability and transparency in documenting success

8:00 am Underlining A Moral Case for Quality


• Framing what matters to owners and demonstrating how Quality provides a solution to the issues that plague the industry
• Defining a quality methodology that can easily be scaled within your organization
• Ensuring vital performance testing to verify a Quality Product

8:20 am Panel: Defining & Operationalizing Quality Excellence Through the Lens of Different Stakeholders

  • Curtis Hartog Executive Director, Capital Planning, Construction & Maintenance, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Chris Hauska National Director, Quality Assurance, Gables Residential
  • Mike Clippinger VP & National Quality Manager, JE Dunn Construction Company
  • David Mata Director of Quality, Casey Industrial & MasTec Power Corp


  • Discussing what Quality means for each stakeholder and how that translates into a Quality Management System: What are the actions that each stakeholder considers critical to meet their Quality goals?
  • Evaluating how we can better operationalize Quality into distinct tasks and metrics that align the needs of all stakeholders and create a more coherent Quality Management System
  • Assessing how the Quality standard for each partner can be better established and supported by contract, specification and bid documents to minimize litigation issues for Quality failures
  • Determining the Quality factors that will differ from project to project and how we can ensure these are addressed with each team to minimize issues

9:00 am Demonstrating How Specialty Contractors Drive Collaboration & Deliver Quality

  • Blake Lockhart Technical Solutions Executive, Construction, Autodesk


Each day, specialty contractors are faced with numerous challenges: winning work, coordinating with other trades, meeting accelerated timelines and tight budgets, and most importantly, maintaining employee safety. While balancing all of these challenges, they must deliver complex projects at the highest quality. To do this, specialty contractors turn to technology. By adopting technology, they win more work, manage scope changes and reduce rework, and standardize on common processes.

9:30 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

TRACK 1: Introducing Quality to the Field

10:10 am Securing Buy-in From Every Member of Your Crew to Keep Quality Front of Mind

10:50 am Overcoming Resistance to Successfully Introduce & Integrate New Quality Initiatives in the Field

  • Paz Arroyo Quality Leader,, DPR Construction
  • JD Nelson Quality Leader – Central Region, DPR Construction

11:30 am Panel: Enhancing Checklists to Improve Proactive Quality Management & Education

  • Matt Biehl Building Director of Quality Control, Kinsley Construction
  • Frank Bartholomew Quality Control Manager, Haselden Construction
  • John Mascaro Chair, American Society for Quality, Design & Construction Division

TRACK 2: Establishing Your Company’s Quality Culture

10:10 am Proving the Cost of Quality to Drive Corporate Buy-In to the Value of Your Department

10:50 am Panel: Keeping Quality Front of Mind in a Remote World

11:30 am Exploring How to Better Align Safety & Quality to Enhance Integration Into the Day-to-Day Functioning of Your Organization

  • Brian Tiehen Senior Quality Manager, BL Harbert International

TRACK 3: The Client’s Perspective

10:10 am Panel: Understanding the Value & Pitfalls of Design & Construction Quality Programs to Drive Client Goals

  • Jeff Taylor QA/QC Director, Harwood International
  • Joe Porostosky Director, Facilities Information & Technology, Ohio State University

10:50 am The Client’s Perspective: Developing Standards & Processes to Take the Lead on Quality With All Partners

  • Joe Porostosky Director, Facilities Information & Technology, Ohio State University

11:30 am Building a Quality Program for Construction in a Highly Regulated, Global Industry

  • Ryan Meeks Quality Assurance Manager, Intel
  • Tony Puckett Vice President of Operations, FST Technical Services

12:10 pm
Lunch Break

Quality Reporting & Analysis

1:10 pm Overcoming Shame: Driving Accountability for Reporting Quality Incidents

1:50 pm Your Guide to Implementing Root Cause Analysis to Turn Mistakes Into Continuous Improvement Opportunities

2:30 pm Quality & Mobility: Managing the Unique Complexities of Mobile Teams

Defining the Quality Job Description

1:10 pm Panel: Evaluating the Skillset Required for Quality Personnel

  • Mike Clippinger VP & National Quality Manager, JE Dunn Construction Company
  • Paul Edwards Director of Corporate Quality, Stacy and Witbeck Inc.
  • Tom Boissy Quality Support Manager, Power Construction

1:50 pm Breakouts: Developing the Quality Career Path in Design & Construction

2:30 pm From Traffic Cop to Trusted Advisor

  • John Bordonaro Vice President of Business Development, Moisture Intrusion Solutions Inc.
  • Robert Swink Director of Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Samet

Quality in Design

1:10 pm What Is Quality in Design & What Does That Mean for the Future of A/E Firms?

  • Jeanette Shaw Director of QA/QC & Sustainability, Powers Brown Architecture

1:50 pm Panel: Establishing an Effective Program to Mentor Younger Architects & Increase Consistency of Quality in Designs

  • Harvey Schwager Technical Director of Architecture, OHM Advisors
  • Steve Etelamaki Senior Construction Administrator, QA + Specifications Manager, Plunkett Raysich Architects

2:30 pm Driving Innovation From Concept to Construction

3:00 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

Quality Mobilization

3:30 pm Scaling Down Quality Programs for Any Scope of Work

  • Ted Boyce Director of Quality, Training and Organizational Development, Hathaway Dinwiddie

4:10 pm Running Pre-Mobilization Meetings With All Parties to Ensure First Time Quality

  • Matt Biehl Building Director of Quality Control, Kinsley Construction

4:50 pm Panel: Benchmarking the Most Effective Approaches to Proactively Manage Quality in the Field

Building Best Practices for Your Quality Program

3:30 pm Panel: Discussing How Quality Leaders Can Maximize Resource on Projects Despite a Small Quality Team

  • Brian Tiehen Senior Quality Manager, BL Harbert International
  • Trey Griffith Director of Quality, Gray Construction
  • Andrew Gibson Director of Field Operations , Provident General Contractors

4:10 pm Exploring Best Practices to Scale Your Quality Department & Program in a Growing Organization

  • Adam Makino Director of Quality Assurance, EllisDon Corporation

4:50 pm Uncovering Success Stories to Inform Best Practices: How Can You Better Manage Risk During Construction?

  • Peter Ukstins Construction Risk Engineering, Subcontractor Default Insurance, AXA XL
  • Russell Klapperich Construction Risk Engineering, Subcontractor Default Insurance, AXA XL

Bridging the Gap From Design to Construction

3:30 pm Case Study: Developing a Program for EPC or Design-Build Projects That Ensures Quality From Design Through Construction to Commissioning

4:10 pm Breakouts: Establishing Best-In-Class Practices for Constructability Reviews

4:50 pm Case Study: Building an Effective System for Sharing Lessons Learned & Implementing Best Practices Company-Wide

  • Carol Post Chief Quality Assurance Officer, Thornton Tomasetti

5:30 pm
End of Day One