7:50 am Chair’s Opening Roundtable

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction


In setting the tone for the event, highlighting why we are all here and determining what we want to achieve, this interactive activity based session hosted by the conference chair will get you on your feet to determine what this conference can do for you. How will this platform really move the needle for the industry this year?

Placing Quality at the Heart of the Business

8:10 am Keynote: Why Does Quality Matter? Developing a Business Case That Will Drive Commitment from the Entire Company

  • Chad Dorgan VP Quality & Sustainability, McCarthy Building Companies


  • Assessing the business case for dedicated quality programs: What are the deliverables being met for the owner and different members of the project team that can help drive down risk and increase overall profitability?
  • Identifying quantitative metrics that can be used to support the financial drive for increased attention, resource and support for quality departments
  • Revealing successful ways to persuade teams of the qualitative value of a dedicated quality program, especially when addressing intangible gains

8:50 am Maintaining Momentum & Full Support of Upper Management to Ensure Quality Remains at the Heart of Your Company Culture


  • Discussing key drivers in maintaining Quality long term, and how quality leaders can best align the understanding of company executives to the resource necessary to truly succeed
  • Assessing how buy-in and excitement can be maintained beyond the initial company drive: How have quality teams successfully worked with upper management to keep Quality front of mind long term?
  • Understanding how upper management teams can be better involved and support quality initiatives to ensure pride and ownership of Quality Excellence at every level of the organization

9:50 am Highlighting A Moral Case For Quality


  • Contextualizing why quality matters to so many Owners within our industry and underlining OAC Service’s philosophy for how we can overcome these challenges together
  • Defining the 7 core values and features at the heart of our Quality Assurance Observation Program and how this can be harnessed to develop your Quality Methodology
  • Ensuring vital performance testing to verify a Quality Product


10:20 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Creating ‘Quality’ Clients

11.00 Revealing HCA’s Journey to Leading Construction Excellence Through Uniting Trusted Partners from Day One

Rob Crotty, AVP Capital Improvement, HCA Healthcare

Russell Templin, VP, JE Dunn Construction


11.40 Panel: Understanding How Owners Can Best Drive & Support Process Excellence

Roderic Egert, Director of Construction & Commissioning Excellence, TCEnergy

Emily Wilson, Senior Quality Consultant, Performance Management, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Chris Hauska, National Director of Quality Management, Gables Residential

Daniel Batty, Director of Construction, Dutch Bros. Coffee

Paz Arroyo, Quality Leader, DPR Construction

Improving Subcontractor Programs

12:20 pm Lunch Break

Developing Quality Metrics

1.20 One Year On: Revealing How One Team Began Developing Their Quality Matrix

Matt Biehl, Director of Quality, Kinsley Construction

Greg Wangler, Quality Control Manager, Kinsley Construction


2.00 Employing Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Tools to Raise the Bar with Your Quality Program

Bill Vandrovec, Director of Quality Assurance, Kitchell

Jason Koppert, IT Applications Manager, Kitchell

Carl McFarland, Market Sector Executive, Kitchell


2.40 Breakout: Exploring What Can Be Done to Move the Needle Towards Industry-Wide Benchmarking

Facilitated by CQEC leaders

Managing Manpower & Training

3:20 pm Afternoon Refreshments

4:00 pm Breakouts: Taking Action & Sharing Lessons Learned


During this quick fire reflection session, and with so much information already shared, this 20 minutes break out will gather key learnings from the day’s tracks, and work to create a manual of best practices that will last long after the conference to maintain the Quality continuum.

Aligning Quality & Operations Leaders

4:20 pm Do You Have Trust Issues? Looking at the Real Harm of a Lack of Trust on Your Team


  • Explore the impact of lack of organizational trust on overall team performance in the construction industry today
  • Understand how you can take action to increase trust and team morale to combat inefficiencies
  • Discuss how you can measure trust in your organization, minimize uncertainty, and simplify team collaboration

4:30 pm Rethinking the Relationship Between Quality & Operations: How Can Quality Truly Be Accepted as a Team Player?

  • Adam Makino Director of Quality Assurance, EllisDon
  • Jeff Cumpston Quality Management Director, Nabholz Inc.
  • Andy McKerrow Corporate Quality Manager, Bowen Engineering Corporation
  • Jose Rivera Director of Operational Excellence, Stiles Construction


  • Creating a positive relationship between quality and operations personnel understanding what each department needs from the other to achieve the ultimate goal of Quality Excellence
  • Re-evaluating the division of responsibilities for quality management with operations teams: What is best left to the quality team vs becoming a part of the operations team’s checks and balances?
  • Exploring how the development of project specific quality management plans between quality and operations departments can improve buy-in and what these must consider to perform effective quality assurance for the job site
  • Revealing how quality champions can be successfully recruited from operations teams and how this can impact the overall importance of Quality throughout the organization: Who do these need to be and what responsibilities should they have?

5:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

5:20 pm End of Day One