10.00 | 7.00 – Morning Networking Session


Explore our platform and familiarize yourself with all of the networking opportunities running over the coming days:

  • Discover the attendee list and pinpoint who you want to connect with in the coming days
  • Take a look at our virtual exhibition and find out more about our event sponsors and the potential for their solutions to help you
    advance your program
  • Join our morning coffee breakout sessions and have chat with other delegates and speakers to benchmark what you want to get out of
    the coming days

10.30 | 7.30 – Chair’s Welcome

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

Main Stage
Creating Your Benchmark for Quality Excellence

10.40 | 7.40 – 15 Years On: Keeping the Quality Culture Thriving


  • From Inceptions to Current Practice: What are the lessons learned from developing a Quality culture the past 15 years?
  • Sharing tips and tricks to integrating Quality into your core operations
  • Establishing a roadmap for the next 15 years: How do you get started and determine what to focus on for your company?

11.20 | 8.20 – Harnessing Data to Strategically Improve Quality Program Outcomes


It’s safe to say that Construction is in the prime of its digital revolution. Many contractors have adopted cloud and other technology, but many are still seeking out the best way to standardize processes so that they may reap the full benefits of their investment – specifically around QA/QC management. Join this session to learn how other contractors have developed and implemented a five-stage evolution to help teams adjust to new or different processes without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Demonstrating industry benchmarks of where many quality programs fall short
  • Understanding better ways to optimize and standardize current QA/QC programs: How are contractors using insights from their construction data to identify root cause issues in their current programs and make improvements to their processes?
  • Getting insight from other contractors who have implemented successful QA/QC programs and the measurable results they’ve uncovered

11.50 | 8.50 – Virtual Speed Networking & Break


Recreate the experience of randomly meeting new people in the queue for a coffee or lunch line with our Virtual Speed Networking! Grab a quick cup of coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into the session to connect with peers and exchange digital business cards – it’s as easy as that!

12.30 | 9.30 – Panel: Assessing the Impact of Covid-19 on Quality & How We Can Harness These Changes to Move the Needle With Quality Execution


  • Discussing the cultural changes occurring as projects, companies, and the economy look to recover, and how this may boost buy-in to Quality Control protocols
  • Exploring how Quality teams can best manage resource and re-hire as construction demand ramps up: What are the most effective methods to up-skill workers quickly, without previous formal ‘Quality’ training?
  • Combatting supply-chain issues and maintaining Supplier Quality when the potential pool of manufacturers is limited and we need to source alternative materials
  • Futureproofing: How can teams take lessons learned from the situation in 2020 to bring a new way of thinking and actioning Quality, and proactively plan for potential future crises?

1.00 | 10.00 – Speed Learning: Taking Lessons Learned When a Project Went Wrong to Prevent Future Challenges

These mini breakouts will give you the chance to lift-the-lid on some high profile Quality issues that have occurred for each speaker and understand how lessons learned can positively impact Quality Programs industry-wide. You will hear from a series of Quality leaders as they discuss in small groups what happened on their project and where Quality went wrong, how they identified the source of their Quality failings, the steps that were taken to rectify these issues, and the provisions that have subsequently been built into their Quality Program to stop other projects potentially falling subject to the same issues.

This is your opportunity to ask questions or spit ball further improvements with your peers in a more interactive group, and will be sure to give you the actionable insights you need to ensure your team don’t make the same mistake!



Storefront Failure: Quality Control With Second-Tier Installers


Jeff Cumpston
Corporate Quality Director



Quality Excellence at All Levels of Your Infrastructure Project


Dennis Murphy
Quality Program Manager
Kiewit Infrastructure



Ensuring Quality is Budgeted & Effectively Resources From Day One


Ken McMillan
Director of Quality Assurance

James Budgell
Quality Director

Mario Piette
Quality Coordinator

Acquiring Operational Feedback from Teams on Critical Quality Issues & Effectively Translating This into Organizational Learning

Paula Bodine
Director of Quality Assurance

1.40 | 10.40 – Chair’s Thanks & Morning Summary

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

1.50 | 10.50 – Break & Refresh

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 1

Track 1: Optimizing Quality Execution in the Field
Defining Expectations for First Time Quality


2.30 | 11.30 - Sharing Lessons Learned: Exploring How Effective Pre-Qualification Practices Can Procure Quality Partners

  • Underlining the value of building a Quality risk-assessment into the partner selection process
  • Developing a series of questions and activities to best understand the approach of a potential project partner to Quality Management and determine how effective execution of their program is
  • Understanding what is reasonable to ask firms to provide with the current variability of formal Quality adoption
  • Harnessing insights from pre-bid meetings to better align your Quality Program to their strengths and improve the allocation of responsibilities on the project

Tom Boissy, Quality Support Manage, Power Construction


3.00 | 12.00 - Improving Buy-In to Quality Initiatives to Ensure Ownership of First Time Quality on the Jobsite

  • Defining the anatomy of a General Contractor Quality Program and how it could benefit the Owner, Architect/Designer, Project Teams, and tradesman
  • Highlighting the value of engaging architects in job site walkthroughs and lessons learned to reinforce the importance of Quality and create common rhetoric to define what ‘good’ looks like
  • Develop ways to influence team culture to value First Time Quality positively and create a common rhetoric to define what ‘good’ looks like
  • Apply the best practices learned to maintain focus on good Quality throughout the design and construction process

Corey Zussman, Director of Quality Management, Pepper Construction Company


3.30 | 12.30 - Building Project Quality Plans With Field Leadership to Ensure Teams Meet Client Expectations

  • Assessing the optimal time to engage field leadership to devise the plan and drive engagement through their team
  • Underlining what to look for in project specifications and contracts with field leadership to ensure everything is accounted for in the plan, from resourcing through detail of how code requirements will be met
  • Working with Superintendents to ensure Quality is best resourced and responsibilities are most efficiently divided on site
  • Finding the balance between manageable and comprehensive: What are the non-negotiables that must be planned for and signal the team are ready to go to work?

Jeff Cumpston, Corporate Quality Director, Nabholz


Track 2
Track 3

4.00 | 1.00 – Networking Break & Refresh


During this break you will be able to set up individual meetings with other conference attendees to further expand your network.

Track 2

Optimizing Deployment of Resources to Achieve Core Quality Goals


4.30 | 1.30 - Panel: Exploring Best Practices for Managing Quality as a Centralized Function

  • Understanding the foundational training and skills necessary in field leadership to effectively implement and manage Quality programs when there is no dedicated Quality Manager on the Project
  • Establishing Quality as a support function for teams and expectations around when to involve Quality to get the right technical knowledge: What is the value Quality can bring to make your life easier?
  • Mapping out a series of checkpoints to drive the Quality message with teams and ensure implementation of the program, without building negativity towards the Quality function

Derek Dizon, Project Architect & QA/QC Manager, Merriman Architects
Larry Stone, Quality Lead, J.H. Findorff & Son Inc
Adam Makino, Director of Quality Assurance, Ellis Don
Steve Black, Senior Quality Support Manager, Power Construction


5.00 | 2.00 - Case Study: Building the Business Case for Increased Quality Resource for Our Company

  • Understanding the benefits that increased Quality resource can have for the company and how these roles can be best defined to have maximum impact
  • Building the business case to present to senior management to justify further investment: How can we make sure the business case aligns with the priorities of business executives?
  • Reviewing the challenges and push backs met along the way and how the team dealt with these to secure further investment
  • Determining when Quality must be a project specific resource vs. an operational function: How can we best leverage the team we have and make sure the cost of additional resource is appropriately balanced?

Brandon Floyd, Corporate Quality Assurance & Customer Experience Program Manager, Rosendin Electric


5.30 | 2.30 - Optimizing Client Relationships & Ensuring Project Teams Stand Up for Quality Even When Under Pressure

  • Underlining ways to better understand client priorities and leverage feedback to improve our quality of service
  • Engaging clients in conversations about Quality early to ensure they understand the impact of their decisions at every stage
  • Ensuring all team leaders are armed with the rhetoric to get owners to understand their role in sponsoring the team correctly to deliver their vision with efficacy
  • Harnessing the influence of Senior leadership to create a benchmark expectation for Quality and encourage all staff to push back if they feel this may be dropped

Paul Edwards, Director of Corporate Quality, Stacy and Witbeck Inc.

Track 3

6.00 | 3.00 – Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction