Pre-Conference Workshop Day Monday, September 27

Monday, September 27 2021

Series 1: Project Quality Execution


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9.00AM-10.30AM WORKSHOP A: Building a Robust Building Enclosure QA/QC Plan to Prepare Your Team to Get It Right, First Time

Angelo Trapani
, Quality Director - Buildings Division, Walsh Group

11.00AM-12.00PM Refreshment Break

11.00AM -12:30PM WORKSHOP D: Building & Executing a Thorough Work Plan to Mitigate Quality Defects

Jonathan Giovanni, Regional Quality Assurance Director, MWH Constructors

12:30PM-1.30PM Lunch Break

1.30PM-3.00PM WORKSHOP G: Improving the Collection & Reporting of Non-Conformance Issues & Quality Incidents in the Field

Robert Achilles, Director of Quality, Sellen Construction
Zach Schlosser, Quality Control Manager, Sellen Construction
Lily Iftner, Senior Technical Engineer, QCM Sellen Construction

End of Workshop Series

Series 2: Corporate Program Management


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9.00AM -10.30AM WORKSHOP B: Where Do I Start?: Introducing a New Quality Management System to Your Company

Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane, Advisor & Director, Construction Management, Sij jeel General Commerce & Contracting Co. 

10.30AM-11.00AM Refreshment Break

11.00AM-12.30AM WORKSHOP E: Harnessing Lean Principles & Best Practices to Help Embed Quality Into Our Workflows

William Lages, Corporate Quality Manager, Conti Federal Service

12.30PM-1.30PM Lunch Break

1.30PM-3.00PM WORKSHOP H: Enhancing Collaboration Between General & Trade Contractors to Develop Effective Quality Execution Plans

Corey Zussman, Director of Quality, Pepper Construction

Steve Black, Senior Quality Support Manager, KLH Power Construction

3:00PM-3:30PM Refreshment Break

3.30PM-5.00PM WORKSHOP I: Exploring the Most Effective Education Programs to Promote Behavior Change & Increase Technical Knowledge

Denise Clements, Director of Quality, Americas, AECOM


End of Workshop Series

Series 3: Quality in Design


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9.00AM -10.30AM WORKSHOP C: Developing a QA/QC Program for Your Design Firm

Carol Post, Chief Quality Assurance Officer, Thornton Tomasetti

Mark Walsh, Global Director of Technical Design, Perkins & Will

10.30AM-11.00AM Refreshment Break

11.00AM-12.30PM WORKSHOP F: Benchmarking Best Practices for Mock-Ups on Your Projects

Trevor Brown, Senior Quality Control Manager, JE Dunn Construction Company

Alex Idelson, Senior Quality Specialist, JE Dunn Construction Company

12.30AM-1.30PM Lunch Break

1.30PM-3.00PM Only Workshop Series 1 & 2 Running During this time

3.00PM Refreshment Break

3.30PM-5.00PM WORKSHOP L: Exploring How All Stakeholders Can Work Together to Enhance Quality of Design Documentation & Better Control the Design Process

Curtis Hartog, Executive Director, Capital Planning, Construction & Maintenance, Minneapolis Public Schools

End of Workshop Series