Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Workshop A Monday, September 30

9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Quality 101: How Do You Begin to Build a Quality Program For Your Organization?

With no clear standard for how Quality should be done, being the person charged with kick-starting a quality program within organizations can be daunting. Therefore, this workshop will address what forms the basis of a good quality program, giving step-by-step advice as to how you can begin changing company culture and processes.
  • Identifying the basic features required for a good quality program and how you can begin to cater this for your organization
  • Reviewing standards and strategies that can be used to successfully introduce quality to your project teams and promote ownership of quality control on the jobsite: What skills are necessary for a good quality leader in 2020?
  • Understanding crucial inspections and testing to be undertaken as part of basic quality management and best practices to establishing these company-wide
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Workshop Leaders:

Laurie Stidham, QA/QC Program Director, Crown Alliance Group

Carl Johansen, Section Manager, Utility Shared Services Quality Management, Con Edison

Workshop B Monday, September 30

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Getting to Grips with Building Science: Using Quality to Effectively Manage Building Envelope Risk

The last 15 years has seen building science evolve to the point where we are talking about concepts like air barriers, that many of us were never aware of through training. Yet, it has become a concept integral to achieving true Quality Excellence, especially when securing the building enclosure, and so getting all team members on board with this may be the key to taking your program to the next level.

  • Understanding key building science principles through case studies and practical examples and the common pitfalls that can occur when these principles are not appropriately understood by all members of the project team
  • Reviewing strategies and best practices for ensuring constructability and proper sequencing of building envelope assemblies to achieve better quality
  • Recognizing the importance of quality assurance and quality control activities and how they can be leveraged to effectively manage building envelope risk from design through construction
  • Learning strategies to support materials analysis and see beyond the promises of manufacturers: What do you truly need to understand and what are the right questions to ask?

Workshop Leaders:

Adam Makino, Director of Quality Assuranc , EllisDon

Jeremy Carkner, QA/QC Director – Toronto Buildings, EllisDon

Rob Quattrociocchi, Building & Material Sciences Manager, EllisDon

Workshop C Monday, September 30

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Understanding How Trending & Analysis Can Help Scale Quality Programs from Project to Programmatic Level

Achieving project excellence is one thing, but scaling this up to create a true quality program is the next step that many teams struggle to overcome. Therefore, this workshop will take a deeper dive into how you can begin assessing the success of initiatives, improve, and create best practices for your entire company.

  • Highlighting how trending and analysis can be used to identify major project gaps and understand field behavior
  • Reviewing key indicators for success or failure of your quality program with project teams and how you can begin tracking these
  • Turning lessons learned into continuous improvement: How can feedback and transparency with field staff be established to ensure the improvement of initiatives?
  • Underlining common pitfalls that occur when scaling quality from individual projects to a program level: What is the best strategy to use to create a new ‘normal’?

Workshop Leaders:

Loan Ngo, Senior Director of Quality, Mortenson

Russell Klapperich, Risk Engineer, AXA XL

Peter Ukstins, Risk Engineer, AXA XL

Workshop D Monday, September 30

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Getting the Buy-in & Commitment from Your Subcontractors to Ensure Quality Excellence

For many of us with long established quality programs, it is often the challenge to get all project partners to embrace the same values in their work. Whether a general contractor managing multiple trades, or a subcontractor encouraging development among your peers, in this workshop you will address:

  • Promoting buy-in of trade partners to develop their own quality management program: What metrics and arguments can successfully win over upper management and field leadership?
  • Ensuring Quality is brought up early in procurement and partnering to establish commitment and the appropriate level of support for each individual trade on a project
  • Balancing the requirements for subcontractor selection defined by owners and finding true ‘quality’ trade partners: How can you best maintain diversity and support all levels of experience under a single program?
  • Developing effective contractual terms and agreements to support loyalty to the promise of Quality and reinforce ownership of it

Workshop Leader:

Ken McMillan, QA Director, Ledcor

Workshop E Monday, September 30

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Creating Your ‘Quality’ Sales Pitch: How You Can Become a Power Persuader in Your Organization

People are at the heart of achieving success with quality programs, but we all know that not everyone is open to readily embracing change. Therefore, as a quality leader you must have the skills to influence, convince and ultimately make people comply to a new way of doing things.

During a 1 hour educational session followed by 1 hour of application, this workshop will provide you with knowledge of six psychologically validated Principles of Influence and how to use them in common work-related situations. You can also get specific advice from colleagues on overcoming the objections you have been hearing so that you can get the results you want.

  • Understanding and applying the 6 Principles of Influence
  • Discussing the crucial situations when quality professionals are commonly required to inspire change and drive commitment
  • Creating effective strategies to compel every level of the organization to expand your team of quality champions
  • Devloping skills to overcome resistance and align your cause with others such that quality is seen to complement the initiatives of your colleagues

Workshop Leader:

Ted Boyce, Quality, Training & Organizational Development Director,  Hathaway Dinwiddie

Workshop F Monday, September 30

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Applying Continuous Improvement Techniques at Both a Project & Program Level to Achieve Operational Excellence

Development and improvement are concepts we all strive for, but achieving these are not easy. Often lessons learned are collected, but the creation of new best practices is where teams fall short.

Therefore, this workshop will spotlight some of the means and methods teams have seen success with and use working groups to explore how each method can be implemented across a wide variety of situations.

  • Revealing various tools and strategies for continuous improvement that can be applied to different situations, both at a project and program level
  • Assessing the suitability of each strategy across different situations: Where have people seen most success with each tool?
  • Underlining the common pitfalls when attempting continuous improvement and what can be done to maximize success of initiatives
  • Troubleshooting common difficulties team face with continuous improvement and sharing perspectives on how we can truly succeed in developing best practices for every organization

Workshop Leaders:

Paul Stewart, Quality Director, Kiewit Corporation

Chad Dorgan, VP Quality & Sustainability, McCarthy Building Companies

Dave Jones, Corporate Quality Director, John E Green Company