Pre-Conference Workshop Day Monday, September 27

Monday, September 27 2021

Series 1: Project Quality Execution


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9.00AM-10.30AM WORKSHOP A: Building a Robust Building Enclosure QA/QC Plan to Prepare Your Team to Get It Right, First Time

Angelo Trapani
, Quality Director - Buildings Division, Walsh Group

11.00AM-12.00PM Refreshment Break

11.00AM -12:30PM WORKSHOP D: Building & Executing a Thorough Work Plan to Mitigate Quality Defects

Jonathan Giovanni, Regional Quality Assurance Director, MWH Constructors

12:30PM-1.30PM Lunch Break

1.30PM-3.00PM WORKSHOP G: Improving the Collection & Reporting of Non-Conformance Issues & Quality Incidents in the Field

Robert Achilles, Director of Quality, Sellen Construction
Zach Schlosser, Quality Control Manager, Sellen Construction
Lily Iftner, Senior Technical Engineer, QCM Sellen Construction

3:00PM-3:30PM Refreshment Break

3.30PM-5.00PM WORKSHOP J: Developing an Extensive, High-Performing Quality Program for a Large-Scale Project

Wade Jones, QC Manager, International, Caddell Construction

End of Workshop Series

Series 2: Driving Team Integration


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9.00AM -10.30AM WORKSHOP B: Where Do I Start?: Introducing a New Quality Management System to Your Company

Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane, Advisor & Director, Construction Management, Sij jeel General Commerce & Contracting Co. 

10.30AM-11.00AM Refreshment Break

11.00AM-12.30AM WORKSHOP E: Harnessing Lean Principles & Best Practices to Help Embed Quality Into Our Workflows

William Lages, Corporate Quality Manager, Conti Federal Service

12.30PM-1.30PM Lunch Break

1.30PM-3.00PM WORKSHOP H: Enhancing Collaboration Between General & Trade Contractors to Develop Effective Quality Execution Plans

Corey Zussman, Director of Quality, Pepper Construction

Steve Black, Senior Quality Support Manager,KLH Power Construction

3:00PM-3:30PM Refreshment Break

3.30PM-5.00PM WORKSHOP K: Developing the Leadership & Soft Skills You Need to Become a More Impactful Quality Champion

Dan Mortimer, Senior Superintendent, Layton Construction


End of Workshop Series

Series 3: Quality in Design


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9.00AM -10.30AM WORKSHOP C: Developing a QA/QC Program for Your Design Firm

Carol Post, Chief Quality Assurance Officer, Thornton Tomasetti

10.30AM-11.00AM Refreshment Break

11.00AM-12.30PM WORKSHOP F: Benchmarking Best Practices for Mock-Ups on Your Projects

Trevor Brown, Senior Quality Control Manager, JE Dunn Construction Company

Alex Idelson, Senior Quality Specialist, JE Dunn Construction Company

12.30AM-1.30PM Lunch Break

1.30PM-3.30PM WORKSHOP I: Harnessing BIM to Enhance Quality From Design Through Construction

John Berkoe, VP & Director of VDC, MWH Constructors

3.00PM Refreshment Break

3.30PM-5.00PM WORKSHOP L: Exploring How All Stakeholders Can Work Together to Enhance Quality of Design Documentation & Better Control the Design Process

Curtis Hartog, Executive Director, Capital Planning, Construction & Maintenance,Minneapolis Public Schools

End of Workshop Series