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Advancing Construction Quality Summit - What's On?

Advancing Construction Quality 2023 is the only event dedicated to improving Quality in the construction industry.

This year’s all-encompassing Quality agenda will be delivered by the most pioneering Quality leaders from North America’s top general contractors and trade contractors, design firms and owners. We also have a whole new track dedicated to the execution of Quality in the field, and our agenda is packed with more interactive sessions than ever before – there truly is something for every member of your team!

Here’s a snapshot of the exciting things this year’s agenda has to offer:

Track 1: Lessons Learned in the Field

Track 2: Improving Quality Processes in the Field

If you are interested in improving the execution of Quality in the field, join this track to better understand how to optimize concrete application processes, overcome building envelope obstacles, conduct robust meetings with trade contractors, and enhance the quality of installation to ensure that Quality is consistently prioritized from the outset of the project.

If you want to streamline QA/QC processes in the field, join us in 2023 to optimize your tracking of rework, secure trade and operations buy-in to your Quality program, and overcome supply chain issues to align the expectations of everyone involved in the construction process.

Track 3: Quality Program Leadership

Track 4: Cross-Functional Quality Integration

If you are a Quality leader at your organization, join us to uncover how you can establish, maintain, and make continuous improvements to your Quality program, obtain further investment from senior management, and attract, hire, and retain Quality personnel so that you can build the best team and Quality program possible at every level.

If you are looking to drive cross-functional integration of Quality, join us in 2023 to drive collaboration between departments and all project partners so that opportunities to improve Quality in construction and operations are not missed, and you can consistently understand, meet, and exceed client expectations.