About Event

Why attend Advancing Construction Quality

The construction industry – which continues to push for faster delivery of projects whilst coping with a scarcity of skilled labor – is at the brink of a Quality crisis. A robust and consistent quality program is essential to reduce overruns, prevent rework and meet client expectations. 

However, building out a Quality program is not easy, especially considering the lack of published guidelines. That’s why, Advancing Construction Quality is back in 2022 to unite hundreds of Quality & Operations professionals focused on the strategic direction and implementation of Quality programs.  

Through in-depth research with Quality leaders in construction, our three-day, three-track agenda has been curated to address the most essential challenges you need to solve to achieve Quality excellence.  

We’ll enable you to benchmark approaches to establishing robust Quality guidelines, upskilling employees, harnessing the latest technologies, integrating Quality into your organisations, and much more, so that you can consistently deliver high-quality facilities for your Clients.