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Advancing Construction Quality Summit 2024

Uniting a diverse group of Quality and Operations leaders from General and Trade Contractors, Owners and Designers, there’s no better place to advance cross-stakeholder collaboration and understand how the whole industry is tackling the ongoing battle against rework.

With specialized content across 4 bespoke tracks, this is your one-stop shop to invest in the professional development of your entire project team. Whether it's enhancing the soft skills of Quality Leaders, or helping Quality Managers craft exemplary ITPs and project-specific work plans, this conference offers a centralized hub for the growth of all team members to increase operational efficiency from project kick-off to close-out.

Track 1: Quality Program Management

Track 2: Quality Assurance Best Practice

Track 3: Quality Control Best Practice

Track 4: Project Quality Lessons Learned

For Departmental Quality Leaders, building out a robust program that can be implemented easily and consistently in the field is a top priority. Take a deep dive into everything that is required for success, including fostering a strong culture of quality, collecting and leveraging metrics & data for system improvements, and streamlining relationships between stakeholders.

It’s no secret that investing in Quality as early as possible is the best way to minimize RFIs and rework later down the line. Uncover what exactly you should be doing during the early stages of project start-up, with sessions on clarifying roles and responsibilities, improving the accuracy of design documentation, developing a robust system of prequalification and much more!

Keeping Quality front-of-mind can be difficult amid compressed construction schedules so it is important to foster engagement with Quality on a day-to-day basis with easy to implement field tools. Benchmarking world-class ITPs, exploring how to conduct effective post-project reviews, building scope-specific checklists and bolstering product & material inspections are just a few of the topics that will be discussed in Track 3.

Sharing project mistakes and shortcomings is where the most valuable lessons are found. Take these learnings away to your own work in Track 4, highlighting the most valuable lessons learned across a range of specialized scopes of work, including water intrusion in building envelope, efficiency in air barriers, industrial piping testing, dealing with existing utilities, commissioning in mission critical & advanced manufacturing environments and many more…

Across all four of these tracks you can expect:

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Diversity of expertise and specialist speakers from across the commercial, civil and industrial sectors

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Interactive sessions to get hands on with new tools and approaches

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Extensive networking opportunities to build your personal connections that will benefit your company and future projects