7:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Harnessing Innovation & Data to Advance Your Quality Program

7:30 am Improving Quality Business Intelligence: Determining the Key Metrics of Successful Projects to Evaluate the Health of Your Program

  • Mark Drzewiecki Regional Quality Director, CQEC Vice President, Mortenson Construction
  • Chad Dorgan Founder & Past President, CQEC Board of Governors


  • Collating the essential metrics, data and KPIs to evaluate the health of your Quality program and measuring the adoption of Quality processes
  • Addressing the most impactful QA/QC processes to enhance deliverables and provide better functionality for clients
  • Transitioning to a progressive culture: How can we apply the data collected to determine organizational training needs and target areas for your Quality Program?

8:40 am Panel: Uncovering the Latest Technological Advancements to Level-Up Your Quality Program

  • Peter Ukstins Construction Risk Engineering Consultant, Subcontractor Default Insurance, AXA XL
  • Brant Fischer Project Solutions Executive, Messer Construction Co.
  • Chris Boal Director of Quality & Virtual Construction, Adolfson & Peterson Construction
  • Trevor Brown Regional Quality Director, JE Dunn Construction
  • Donald Keenan Project & Quality Manager, LeChase Construction Services LLC


  • Exploring how virtual reality, drones and laser scanning will reduce manual tasks and maximize efficiency in the field
  • Understanding how we can keep the field team up to speed with the latest innovations and product changes
  • Discovering how technology teams can train quality professionals to ensure they have the skillset to apply new technologies in the field

9:50 am Morning Refreshments

Track 1
Quality in the Field

Maximizing Project Collaboration

10:30 am Uncovering How the Daily Huddle Is the Most Important Indicator of Success to Improve Communication & the Team’s Focus on Quality


  • Revealing how a high-quality daily huddle, planned with lean techniques, will engage trades to focus on planning and execution, and convert lessons into knowledge
  • Discussing the elements of a daily huddle and how to maximize their effectiveness
  • Discovering what metrics to use to determine the impact of daily huddles

11:10 am Implementing Root Cause Analysis on Quality Defects to Learn From Previous Mistakes


  • Discovering how owners can support and benefit from root cause analysis on construction projects
  • Determining when and how to do the analysis for the most effective results
  • Setting up a continuous feedback loop to share lessons learned and prevent repeated errors

Track 2
Quality Program Leadership

Optimizing Your Quality Program

10:30 am Harnessing the Best of Us: A Facilitated Discussion on Overcoming Obstacles & Building on Successes to Fast-Track Your Program


  • Redefining what really matters: What are the ten key areas you should focus your time on to move the needle?
  • Determining whether Quality teams add the most value in design, construction or procurement to focus resource investment
  • Uncovering the most successful process changes that teams have implemented to reach Quality Excellence

11:10 am Case Study: Lessons Learned From an Accelerated Bridge Project: Why Do We Need Industry Standards & How Can We Get Them?

  • Eugenio Jaramillo Owner’s Representative & Quality Control Auditor, Florida International University


  • Analyzing statistics of what went wrong during an accelerated bridge project to assess why industry standards are important
  • Replicating the success of Safety for the Quality department: How can we leverage our previous experience OSHA standards and can apply them to Quality? Determining how we need to push the industry forwards to develop an OSHA-like system for Quality

Track 3
Cross-Functional Quality Integration

Driving Cross-Departmental Integration

10:30 am Driving Collaboration Between Quality & Safety Departments to Optimize Jobsite Processes


  • Using statistics to link safety incidents and poor Quality: Why do more accidents occur during rework?
  • Promoting a culture which reinforces that a high-quality project results in a safe project to integrate tasks into everyday behavior
  • Exploring how to ‘integrate but separate’ your Quality and Safety programs to ensure enough resources are dedicated to each department

11:10 am Fostering a Risk Management Mindset: Prioritizing & Proactively Mitigating Quality Risks

  • Thomas Boyce Director of Safety, Quality, and Organizational Development, Hathaway Dinwiddie


  • Using historical performance to identify high risk-scopes of work
  • Identifying project characteristics that exacerbate risk regardless of scope
  • Prioritizing risk using a risk matrix and risk priority number
  • Implementing a Quality Management Processes to properly mitigate unacceptable risk

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Enhancing Collaboration With Suppliers to Ensure High-Quality Materials

  • Mark Mohar Quality Control Manager + Compliance Officer, Harris Co.


  • Developing expectations on the QA/QC inputs of suppliers to align project teams on the Quality of materials and their compatibility with other products
  • Creating a buyout strategy to ensure materials arrive ahead of time to prevent scheduling delays
  • Discovering the latest technologies and inspection techniques that are improving Quality Control of materials and equipment
  • Establishing processes to ensure the quality of materials are not hindered during transportation and installation

1:40 pm Case Study: Benchmarking Best Practices for Streamlining Close Out of Punchlists & Rework With Commissioning & Regulatory Bodies

  • Jose Rivera Director of Operational Excellence, Stiles Inc.


  • Finding ways to ensure the whole team remains motivated to finish all aspects of their work to a high standard and reduce ‘cowboying’ on our projects
  • Understanding how to schedule and engage inspectors and marshals early enough in the project to get timely input on what they require
  • Assessing the logistical implications of punchlist items to minimize damage to existing structures and effectively coordinate involvement of all the trades during rework
  • Taking lessons learned from the close out process on projects and feeding that into the future strategy to minimize delays

1:00 pm Case Study: Behind the Scenes of the First ISO Certified Construction Firm in the US: Should You Be ISO 9001 Certified?


  • Considering the benefits and complications of a contractor being ISO 9001 certified: What is the true value, and would it help you differentiate from your competition?
  • Understanding the ISO certification process: How does this impact documentation, change orders, answering RFIs and communication with Clients?
  • Assessing the types of projects and firms that can benefit most from ISO certification

1:40 pm Understanding the Role of Quality Executives in Quality Management Execution to Drive Exceptional Business Results & Strong Quality Culture

  • Dee Oswald Vice President, Quality, Kiewit Corp.


  • Supporting Project Operations for more proactive quality management
  • Performing deep dive quality risk assessments and risk mitigation plans
  • Mapping out the roles and responsibilities of field leaders to ensure accountability
  • Reporting to C-Suite Executives on your findings to improve Quality & Operational Excellence

1:00 pm Panel: Strategizing With Clients on Risk & Reward Strategies to Cope With the Current Hyperspeed & Urgency of Projects


  • Exploring how compressed schedules, lack of qualified staff available, and material shortages are impacting project quality
  • Sharing strategies to drive early and frequent collaboration between designers, contractors and clients to analyze risk tolerance vs. reward options and inform decision-making during planning, design and procurement
  • Continuing the risk/reward dialogue often throughout submittals, construction and changes in the work to maintain high quality results

1:40 pm Audience Discussion: Building Bridges Between Quality Teams & Other Departments to Further Cross- Departmental Collaboration


  • Addressing how creating a common goal around Quality for multiple departments has equated it to schedules, budgets and safety
  • Discovering what input the Quality team can add to the risk assessment and risk insurance conversation
  • Sharing lessons learned and success stories of how Quality can be ingrained into every employee’s workflow

2:20 pm Afternoon Refreshments

What Will You Do Next to Achieve Quality Excellence?

3:00 pm Panel: Reviewing What’s Working, What’s Not & What Needs to Change to Further Improve Quality Processes


  • Debating the greatest people and process challenges associated with QA/QC and what needs to change to overcome then
  • Listening to the lessons learned from trial and error to help give you the tools you need to solve your challenges
  • Discovering the latest out of the box approaches to keep your Quality culture alive: How can we create a common goal around Quality for to equate it to schedules, budgets and safety

3:40 pm Audience Discussion: Uncovering Specific Challenges for Your Market


This breakout session is your chance to learn from peers working in the same market to share successes and failures of various applications of Quality processes and programs. Join us to reflect on the key takeaways, discuss how you can apply your learnings and map out your next steps to achieve Quality Excellence

4:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:30 pm End of Conference