10.00 | 7.00 Morning Coffee Networking

10.30 | 7.30 – Chair’s Welcome

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

7:35 am
Main Stage
Harmonizing Quality Initiatives Across Project Partners

10.40 | 7.40 – Implementing Pre-Activity Meetings on High Visibility Projects to Ensure Strategic Alignment With the Entire Team at Project Kick-Off


  • Identifying the right team members from the start: Do you have the right people in the room and the right alignment across disciplines to get a high Quality outcome?
  • Understanding where Quality and the customer experience intersect to ensure clear definition and alignment to customer expectations
  • Mapping out the project roadmap for Quality to ensure the right standard work and guidance is available for executing, documenting and measuring Quality
  • Ensuring strategic alignment and consistency of documentation of Quality from pre-activity meetings through dealing with Quality deficiencies in the field: Who needs to be involved, when, and how to effectively document the resolution?

11.20 | 8.20 – Panel: Improving Contracting & Specification Language to Ensure Contractors are Better Able to Deliver Projects on Time, To Scope


  • Optimizing the format of specification documents to drive clarity: How is the move towards combining drawings and specifications negatively impacting clarity of expectations for contractors?
  • Underlining items in project specifications that are commonly vague or inconsistent with contract documents, allowing bidding contractors to potentially miss critical Quality items
  • Discussing potential items to include in contractor bids and scopes of work that drive Quality from day one and help align understanding of what is required from early budget and schedule developments
  • Exploring the potential for automation tools to check and identify inconsistencies between project documents to reduce contractor confusion

12.00 | 9.00 – Chair’s Thanks & Morning Summary

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

12.10 | 9.10 – Networking Break & Refresh


During this break we will have a series of mini networking breakouts in the session space if you would like to meet and discuss market specific challenges with your peers.

Track 1

Track 1: Optimizing Quality Execution in the Field
Optimizing Site Inspection Practices


12.40 | 9.40 - Defining & Agreeing Upon Acceptance Criteria to Create a Benchmark of What ‘Good’ Looks Like

  • Bringing the team together to determine where you should focus your efforts
  • Outlining the process to develop a plan with stakeholder buy-in
  • Implement, validate, and communicate: How can we ensure alignment throughout the project to achieve Quality Excellence with all work put in place?

Bill Bennington, National Quality Manager, PCL Construction
Mike O’Sullivan, National Quality Manager, PCL Construction


1.10 | 10.10 - Harnessing Mock-up Learnings to Elevate Understanding of Installation Best Practices

  • Underlining the value of mock-ups for field teams and how lessons learned can inform logistics in the field
  • Exploring the potential for virtual-mock ups to fill the void of the physical: How can Quality, Technology and Operations come together and determine where a virtual mock-up can have the most ROI?
  • Mapping out the A-Z workflow for creating a virtual mock-up: What are the challenges and how can they be overcome to ensure maximum value for field teams?

Matt Biehl, Director of Quality Control, Kinsley Construction
Travis Fischer, VDC Manager, Kinsley Construction 


1.40 | 10.40 - Working With Technology Teams to Leverage VR & AR Tools to Support Hands-on Quality Training & Field Verification Procedures

  • Reviewing the range of different technologies available that can support remote trainings and field verification requirements
  • Demonstrating the A-Z workflow of overlaying captured data with models to effectively demonstrate installation accuracy, document discrepancies and report to the wider team
  • Strengthening relationships between Technology and Quality teams to effectively map out project requirements: What training, schedule allowance and resource needs to put in place to succeed?

Mark Drzewiecki, Regional Quality Manager, Mortenson
Josh Rodgers, Integrated Construction Manager, Mortenson

Track 2
Track 3

2.10 | 11.10 – Break & Refresh

Track 1

Achieving Excellence With Project Close-Out


2.50 | 11.50 - Setting Out Expectations for Building Envelope Commissioning from Day One to Reduce Potential Delays at Project Close Out

  • Understanding the value of bringing owners, designers and contractors together early in preconstruction to define project commissioning requirements: How do we have the conversation with owners to get buy-in?
  • Outlining what is required of a clear commissioning plan and how to build this in when not included in project specifications to communicate requirements to all parties
  • Optimizing procurement outreach to third party commissioning agents to ensure they are able to meet project requirements without additional unexpected costs

Mitch Miller, Principal, M2 Architectural Solutions


3.20 | 12.20 - Case Study: Benchmarking Best Practices for Streamlining Close Out of Punchlists & Rework With Regulatory Bodies

  • Finding ways to ensure the whole team remains motivated to finish all aspects of their work to a high standard and reduce ‘cowboying’ on our projects
  • Understanding how to schedule and engage inspectors and marshals early enough in the project to get timely input on what they require
  • Assessing the logistical implications of punchlist items to minimize damage to existing structures and effectively coordinate involvement of all the trades during rework
  • Taking lessons learned from the close out process on projects and feeding that into the future strategy to minimize delays

Caitlin Kittle, QA Manager, Ironmark Construction

Track 2
Track 3

3.50 | 12.50 – Networking Break & Refresh


During this break you will be able to set up individual meetings with other conference attendees to connect and expand your network.

Main Stage
Planning for the Future of Quality Excellence

4.20 | 1.20 – The CQEC Experience: Establishing a Common Language & Approach to Quality Company- Wide to Redefine Our Standard for Excellence


  • Defining a common Quality language to align understanding across the organization, from top to bottom
  • Quality Transitioning: How do you take the company from Quality Group Ownership to Project Team Ownership?
  • Building and sustaining positive relationships with other stakeholders to sustain a coherent Quality approach
  • Making Quality Matter: Developing, communicating, and kicking the tires with Quality concepts, tools and metrics to maximize impact company widev

Facilitated by: CQEC Board of Governors

4.50 | 1.50 – Panel: Exploring the Changing Character of Our Industry & How We, as Quality Leaders, Can Further Develop Our Programs to Meet Expectations for Quality Excellence


  • Assessing how the character of projects is changing and the most significant trends that are set to impact the way the industry views Quality on projects
  • Exploring the most impactful developments across Infrastructure, Industrial and Commercial Markets in Quality Management, and how lessons from each sector can positively impact best practices adopted by another
  • Evaluating the potential for advanced technologies such as AI and Machine learning to further improve the efficiency and ease of Quality implementation through design and construction

5.30 | 2.30 – Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

5.40 | 2.40 – End of Conference