7:00 am Chair’s Welcome

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

Ensuring Quality Resonates At Every Level

7:10 am Mapping Out Your Strategy to Become a Company Driven By Quality: How Do You Ensure Your Message Resonates at Every Level?


  • Defining the ‘why’ behind Quality for your company and mapping out how that message can be most effectively communicated across different management levels
  • Leveraging metrics, analytics, and key performance indicators to underline the risks and opportunities in your Quality program
  • Moving your senior managers beyond discussion to action: How can you work with department and regional leads to operationalize Quality and more effectively integrate it into the day-to-day expectations of your people?
  • Underlining the key roadblocks you need to prepare for when motivating enterprise transformation: What are some of the most successful ways of accelerating transformation and what is the reality of step-change?

7:50 am Establishing the Value of Quality Through Leadership


• Demonstrating technology won’t cure poor quality – but proper training and execution can
• Exploring how to identify and develop the qualified bodies to fill slots and deliver quality
• Busier doesn’t mean better but it does mean something!: Ensuring your team are busy with purpose to improve quality outcomes

8:10 am Panel: Working With Field Leaders to Simplify & Integrate Quality Management Into The Day-to-Day Functions of Your Company


  • Getting the field perspective of what works, where Quality is most cumbersome, and working together to improve Quality documentation and processes
  • Sharing innovative initiatives we have adopted in the last 12-18 months to simplify Quality for our Superintendents and field staff
  • Harnessing technology to put Quality into the hands of your field teams: What are the most effective tools people are developing and using on smart devices that make Quality execution more manageable?

8:50 am Breakouts: Benchmarking & Sharing Resources to Build Best-In-Class Industry Tools


  • This 30 minute breakout will be dedicated to resource sharing and discussion with peers to determine the best-in-class takeaways to improve key documentation and Quality processes. From ITPs, to Checklists, to Trade Contractor Quality Plans, to Quality Risk Mitigation tools, you will sign up for one of the breakouts in advance, share your examples, and come to the discussion prepared to collaborate on producing best-in-class resources for the industry.

9:20 am Bridging the Gap Between Design & Construction: Digital Twins


In this exploratory session, we’ll define what digital twins are and how you can use them. You’ll learn how virtual, visual assets promote proper progress tracking through as-designed vs. as-built comparisons and issue tracking workflows. Through streamlined inspections and quick data sharing, contractors are able to bridge the gap between design and construction, driving accountability, documentation, and quality excellence on-site.

9:30 am Morning Refreshments

TRACK 1: Inspections & Testing

10:00 am Building an Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) to Effectively Plan, Schedule, & Minimize Project Delays

  • John Mascaro Chair, American Society for Quality, Design & Construction Division

10:40 am Panel: Benchmarking the Most Effective Tools & Approaches for Remote Site Inspections & Observations

  • Chris Hauska National Director, Quality Assurance, Gables Residential
  • Steve Etelamaki Senior Construction Administrator, QA + Specifications Manager, Plunkett Raysich Architects
  • Andrew Blasetti Associate Principal, Thornton Tomasetti

11:20 am Case Study: Harnessing Drones & Photogrammetry to Streamline Inspections & Increase Project Transparency

  • Nick Laeder Director of Sustainability (MEP Services & Quality Control), Mowery Construction

12:00 pm How Remote Video, Are Driving Incredible Efficiencies in Construction QA & QC Workflows

TRACK 2: Developing Your Quality Metrics

10:00 am Panel: Establishing a Set of Quality Metrics for Industry Benchmarking

10:40 am Case Study: Developing & Scaling Our Own System for Collecting Quality Metrics

11:20 am Evaluating the Value of Different Types of Audits to Drive Improvements in Quality Programs for You & Your Customer

12:15 pm
Lunch Break

TRACK 1: Quality Through Installation & Close-Out

1:15 pm Building an Effective QA/QC Program for Mechanical, Building Automation & Control Systems

1:55 pm Lifting the Lid on the PennDOT E-Construction Initiative to Streamline Construction Information Management Through Close-Out

  • John Myler Assistant Construction Manager, PA Department of Transportation

TRACK 2: Enhancing Quality Throughout the Supply Chain

1:15 pm Exploring the Role of Pre-Qualification: How Can We Optimize Trade Contractor Requirements for Both Parties?

  • Lester McKinzy Regional Quality Manager, Turner Construction Company

1:55 pm Exploring the Future of Supply Chain Quality Management in Construction: What Needs to Happen to Develop a More Mature System to Ensure Quality in Construction?

2:35 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

The Future of Quality Excellence

3:05 pm Panel: Benchmarking the Trends That Are Driving the Need for Quality & Evolution of Quality Programs Industry-Wide

  • Collin Sutt Quality Consultant, American Contractors Insurance Group
  • Mike Raftery VP & Director of Risk Management, Turner Construction Company
  • Scott Staffon Director of Risk Management, Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann Inc.


  • Lifting the lid on industry trends and common defects that are driving greater attention on Quality in our industry: How can your insurance provider become your risk consultant?
  • Understanding how litigation trends are shaping minimum requirements being sought for Quality programs and how insurance firms are approaching identification of features that can reduce insurance premiums
  • Revealing the initiatives that are most commonly driving success with Quality and having the biggest impact on contractor quality in terms of engaging the right people, developing the right goals, and scaling adoption across the company to take your program to the next level

3:45 pm Closing Roundtable: Discussing the Future of Design & Construction & How Quality Management Will Need to Evolve to Embrace New Approaches


This final session of the conference will be your chance to reflect on the information shared over the past two days in small groups and discuss how this will impact the way Quality is managed in your company.

  • Are there any tools, technologies, or processes you will take away and develop for your company when you return to the office?
  • Where does the industry need to be in terms of Quality, where are the biggest hurdles, and how can we work together to close that gap?
  • How are client needs evolving and changing how Quality will be managed in the coming years?

4:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction